Connecting People to the Content and Products They Love

People communicate on topics, themes and idea and so should your AI.

Bridge the Gap to Personalize Customer Experience

Whether you want to maximize time on site or drive eCommerce sales, we bring the human insight and technology leadership to enable seamless transitions in recommendation engaging the customer holistically and driving recommendation based on their interests.

Success Stories

Online Specialty Retail

Drove product and content recommendation based on user interest for a leading online retailer of specialty outdoor sporting equipment. Dynamically creating user profiles on their preferred outdoor activities, type of participation from user engagement with the digital content created by the customer, sourced from the product manufacturers, published in leading enthusiast magazine publications, and the users own past purchases. Increased number of customer transactions by 26.7% and increased average transaction size by 19.3%.

Commercial Real Estate

With a marketing team of two attempting to engage with hundreds-of-thousands of current tenants and prospective tenants occupying everything from medical suites to distribution spaces and operating businesses in retail, medical care, manufacturing, business services, distribution, and technology on a personal level is impossible. Pavilion enabled the customer to engage each current or prospective customer with the available properties most relevant to their business by determining the optimum space for each customer through the content they viewed and interacted with. Identified three times more qualified lead opportunities than the customers sales team, traditional marketing, and digital marketing teams combined.

Higher Ed Recruiting

To increase enrollment one of the largest business schools in the United States with 17 degree programs wanted to engage a prospecting list provided by the state of graduating seniors with no prior view, click, or transaction history. Pavilion developed the semantic capability to source content from popular business publications featuring the distinct concepts pertaining to each degree program, and created profiles for each prospective student based on the business concepts which most interested them, automatically positioning the best information session opportunities, enrollment dates, faculty, and student spotlights.