Marketing Tools Suck

Engage 1-to-1 with each customer positioning products or services specific to the individual. No data analysis or segmenting required. Letting you focus on the creative and driving sales.

Source Content

Every day Pavilion automatically finds tens of thousands of unique content pieces. From your web content, library of digital assets, and product portfolio to magazine articles.

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Fully Automated Individualization

Follow a Powerful Methodology for Individual Engagement

Build Structured Library

Pavilion assigns attributes, catalogs data sources, evaluates quality building a structured library of content to engage every individual customer.

Discover Customer Interest

With each customer interaction Pavilion systematically samples your content library and the interest of the customer. Identifying both the most effective material in your toolbox and the interests of each individual customer.

Adapt To Customer Behavior

Your customer acts and Pavilion reacts modeling the customer’s preferences against the available pool of content to determine the most effective resources to advance their buying decision or deepen their brand relationship.

Engage Individually

Pavilion dynamically selects content specific to the preferences of each customer delivering customer centered unique experiences.

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Segmentation, selecting content, tagging groups, scheduling campaigns, data analysis, A/B testing, and building templates steals your time.

Leverage Pavilion AI for lead generation to customer activation.